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Time for a tune-up?

January 4, 2010

A new decade has begun. I am 54 and, when this decade ends, will be 64. Yikes.

I am in the process of changing my life. Laid off as a medical editor the end of January 2009, I’ve spent the last year trying to figure out what I want to do the next 4 decades of my life. Because I have to do SOMETHING, and I want to enjoy it!

Here’s what I have been thinking about a LOT. When you turn 50, it’s as though you’ve finished Trip A and you’ve reset the odometer to Trip B. You’re at 0 miles. The car’s a little tired, but it moves. Who knows how many miles will accrue on Trip B? At 54, I’m hoping another 40 years. What about you?

It’s time for a tune-up. I’ve had mine. Have you had yours?

I have been going to the gym regularly for years–a habit that has brought me many rewards. A face and a lifted rear that look a bit younger than they are. A trimmer waist than I might otherwise have. And, according to my doctor and 2 thorough sets of blood tests, good health.  No signs of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer.

Great nutrition and regular exercise over the past 30 years have helped. And they will continue to be my allies, the foundation of my very own “fountain of youth.”

I’m guessing there are lots of women out there who are like me. Who want to be active and vital. Who may have no other choice but to work as hard as ever. And who want to enjoy their remaining years.

All I can say is…your body had better be up to the task.

I’ve started this blog so other women who’ve cleared the mid-century mark can find a home. Because we’re a group that’s been pretty ignored. Look at the women’s magazines out there. Lots of beautiful young girls. Where are the beautiful 50-plus-year-olds?

Although, it’s maybe just as well that “they” don’t tell us what to do–because few people seem to know what we need. The exercise programs in these magazines are for young women who don’t think so much about fracturing their wrists or burning out their adrenal glands.  

Eating well and exercising in the right way CAN do wonders. Still. IF you know the right way.

I hope you’ll share with me your stories while I tell you what’s worked for ME. I’m learning every day. It’s really an exciting time to be 50ish!

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