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Does laziness come with age?

January 9, 2010












At left, this is my daughter, Siobhan, on her 19th birthday. In the photo on the right, this is me. Age 54.

One of us hits the gym 4-5 times a week, performing heavy weight-training workouts and some bodyweight cardio (think squat thrusts, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and weighted planks) or interval cardio (alternating sprints with brisk walks).

The other one doesn’t go to the gym or perform any specific type of exercise. She walks to class.

One of us lives on eggs and egg whites, turkey, chicken, fish, and whey protein, plus HUGE salads and PLUS-SIZE PORTIONS of vegetables. Berries and maybe an occasional apple, half grapefruit or a bit of cantaloupe. Careful amounts of olive oil and almond butter (and, lately, organic coconut oil and butter). A daily slice of hemp seed toast. (On rare occasion, homemade yam fries. Even less often, Dreamfield’s low-carb, low-glycemic, high fiber pasta.)

The other one has regular cupcake urges. She has salads sometimes, but a meal could just as easily be General Tso’s Chicken. Or macaroni and cheese. She snacks on cheese and crackers. She eats ice cream and peanut M&Ms.

OK…let’s now talk about this popular notion that women get lazy as they get older! That they stop caring about themselves and purposely let themselves “go to pot.”

I am the lucky one who regularly gets to bust her butt in the gym and eat monster salads for lunch. My daughter doesn’t spend much time thinking about these things.

And yet, I am the one who’s always fighting those ten extra pounds. While my daughter maintains a healthy weight effortlessly.

The plain truth is, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your body tight and firm gets harder with every passing decade. It takes MUCH more work–both discipline at the dining table and a commitment to regular physical activity. 

ANYONE over the age of 40 will admit–you can’t eat what you used to eat when you were 20 and get away with it! And you can’t knock off a few pounds as easily as you used to, either.

Take a look around you and give some thought to this. Clearly, a 20-year-old’s body does NOT look the same as a 50-year-old’s body. Ever wonder why? Think it’s laziness? Or simply the “aging process?”

Their bodies are different on the OUTSIDE because they are different on the INSIDE! Their internal hormonal landscape is vastly different.

Bodies, 3 decades later, work differently because the bodies’ ORGANS are 3 decades older, and THEY work differently–not as efficiently as they used to.

Keep that in mind. And meanwhile take it easy on yourself. It’s definitely harder than it used to be to stay in shape. But it’s DOABLE.

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