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Taking food photos

January 13, 2010

I am no photographer. But I do love food blogs.

It’s gotten me into taking pictures of the meals and snacks I’m making.  These are not stunning photos. They won’t make it onto the pages of Gourmet Magazine.

But the new habit works well to slow me down, focus on the food I’m selecting for my meals and try some type of artful arrangement of my meal. Well, kinda.

I keep my camera in the kitchen now. A stepstool nearby helps.

It doesn’t have to be a full meal that I shoot. Could be just my mid-afternoon mixed berries topped with yogurt and protein powder. Or my cup of tea.

As you see, I am no gifted cook, but I do use fresh ingredients. And I DO love to EAT.

A funny thing…the healthier my meals look, the better I feel!

Like this very green lunch, featuring roasted broccoli, roasted green beans with sauteed almond slivers, and my “souffle dish” salad. I know there’s avocado and tomato in there. I think there must be some chicken, too. 🙂

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