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Get Your Green On!

January 16, 2010

People often decry a “lack of time” as the reason they can’t eat better. But it really doesn’t take too long to whip up something tasty that’s also healthy. Especially if you have the items on hand.

Although I prefer fresh vegetables and eat them daily, I do keep EMERGENCY VEGETABLES on hand in the freezer. These are usually spinach, French cut (or “petite”) green beans and asparagus.

One recent day, with little time and energy, I decided to test out the asparagus I bought not long ago as an “experiment,” and roast it. Great results!

Here are my primary ingredients–the bag of asparagus from Whole Foods and the extra virgin olive oil I always have on hand.

Place the frozen asparagus spears into an ovenproof glass lasagna pan.

Drizzle olive oil over it.

Pop the pan into a 450 oven.

It takes about 22-25 minutes to roast. Stir the asparagus around about half-way through roasting so it browns evenly.

I sprinkle mine with sea salt. YUM!

Wish I had a photo of the finished product to show you. It was too yummy looking and I was too hungry to hold off. I ate it right away. Delish!

So here’s another of the frozen spears.

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