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My weight workouts

January 17, 2010

This is the new workout schedule I’m following. I changed it only days ago, after my short (4-day) break:

Monday:  Biceps, triceps, abs and cardio

Tuesday: Legs, glutes, calves

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Chest, shoulders (front and medial), abs

Friday: Back, rear shoulders, low back, cardio

OK, why this workout split?

My boyfriend, Alan, wants to work on his arms. So that’s why I put ARMS on Monday–after 2 days of NO weights. They are as rested as they can be. We do legs Tuesday, to give our arms a rest before tackling chest, back and shoulders later in the week.

At this point, for the next 4-6 weeks, we’re working arms HEAVY, using low reps (repetitions). The goal is to strengthen them.

While I do not lust for big, beefy arms for MYSELF, I enjoy breaking up the routine. I know I can always lighten the weight a bit (and skip the drop sets) to keep my arms looking tight and shapely, but not too muscley, in sleeveless tops.

(You might want to try this–especially if there’s a body part you want to give special attention to. Work it on whatever day you’re freshest. For me, that’s Monday, after a weekend’s rest.)

Not to forget…

CARDIO: I do 20-minute interval sessions on Monday and again on Thursday or Friday, depending on which day I train with my boyfriend. I’m not a huge cardio nut, so doing intervals with him–where we alternate between a high intensity phase and a “recovery” phase–makes it a lot more fun! (I might, alone, do a third cardio session on a weekday. Depends on my energy, daily demands, etc.)

Weekends, I like to do some STRESS RELIEF CARDIO on one or both days. This usually involves a walk outside or at the gym on the treadmill. If at the gym, I enjoy listening to my iPod and flipping through home decor magazines while I walk on the treadmill at 3.2-3.5 mph. I aim for about an hour, but if I fall short on one of those days, I don’t stress about it.

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