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Superset Friday. (It’s ‘back and rear delts’ day.)

January 22, 2010

Back is my least favorite body part to work. (OK, I admit it. I am not totally thrilled with every workout. Maybe that’s why I put back on Friday??)

But today’s workout went fine. Supersetting helped. That’s when you put 2 exercises back-to-back. (Pardon the pun.) It’s a great way to make your workout more intense and also to get out of the gym faster! Since I’d planned to do cardio today–and also to hit rear delts and abs–an intense but concise (read: not lengthy) back attack was important.

BB Rows (overhand grip) supersetted with Stiff-Arm Pulldowns (at cable crossover machine)

4 total sets (heavy on the rows, more moderate on the stiff-arm pulldowns)

Close-Grip Pulldowns supersetted with Knee-Ups (for abs)

4 total sets

Cable Rows supersetted with Rear Delt Flyes with light dumbbells

3 total sets 

Back Extensions with 10 lb. weight plate – 3 sets

Interval Cardio – 20 minutes (sprints alternated with walks)

I ended up walking a bit after my interval cardio. Nothing intense.

Try supersetting when you don’t have a lot of time–or when you simply want to change things up! You can superset using:

  • 2 exercises on the same bodypart (BB rows and Stiff-Arm Pulldowns)
  • 2 exercises on different bodyparts (Close Grip Rows and Abs)
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