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Arms and chocolate

January 26, 2010

Ha! THAT got your attention, didn’t it?

I do include chocolate in my diet–the dark chocolate kind that’s greater than 70% cocoa, since that’s been shown to do good things for your cardiovascular system. I prefer organic chocolate, and I love the bars that have little bits of berries and nuts in there, like these by Endangered Species. Usually, these higher cocoa bars are fairly low in sugars–as far as chocolate bars go, that is. (I am a nut about reading labels, even on chocolate bars.)

Aside from REAL chocolate, I also eat sugar-free chocolate. Right now, I’m enjoying Guylian “No Sugar Added” dark chocolate bars. Eight little squares (a third of the 3 oz. bar) are 120 calories. It’s Belgian. Yum. And it’s sweetened with malitol (13 g), so even though it says on the label “not a reduced calorie food,” I love this stuff because it doesn’t send me on a sugar binge.

I also satisfy my “chocolate tooth” with chocolate protein powder drinks and with my own playful version of a decaf cafe mocha.

Really, it’s just decaf coffee mixed with some cocoa powder, Truvia (a stevia-based sweetener) and organic half-and-half.

But it does the trick. And it’s a bit more exciting than a cup of decaf. Put it in a pretty mug and it’s a treat!


OK, now for my arm workout yesterday!

It was fairly simple. Since we (trained with Alan yesterday) started off with biceps last week, yesterday we started with triceps.


DB French press – 4 sets

Straight bar pushdowns – 4 sets

Straight bar “skullcrushers” (AKA “lying overhead extensions”) – 3 sets


Seated alternating DB curls – 4 sets

Straight bar curls – 3 sets

Standing simultaneous hammer curls – 3 sets

We finished with 20 minutes of interval cardio on the stationary bike and were out of the gym and headed home in little more than an hour!

Challenge yourself to do the same and GET OUT OF THE GYM!

Not long ago, I overheard a young woman boasting that she’d been in the gym since 8 AM. It was nearly 3 hours later! That kind of lingering is NOT going to boost your efforts–either to burn fat or build muscle. If anything, it is going to wear you out and make you NOT want to go to the gym tomorrow!

The idea is fitness longevity.

Get in, get it done, get home and get on with life!

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