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Back in the groove

May 4, 2010

It’s been a month.  I apologize. I’ve had some personal difficulties, including a health issue that knocked me out. In fact, I’ve had to take time off from the gym and it’s been frustrating!

However, I am headed back to do legs and calves today and I CAN’T WAIT!

I have to take it easy, but I have my honey watching me, ready to drag me out to the car if I push too hard.  

Which goes to show you…sometimes working out has to take a back seat. 

Hard to believe that EXERCISE, which is so often the cure for everything, can actually be “not good for you.” But that is temporary–at least in my case. 

I know I’m addicted. Working out with weights makes me feel sooo good.

You just have to get in the groove so that, when you’re forced to take time off, you miss it like crazy!

Here I am in Spring Lake, NJ, last Saturday. Trying to forget I miss exercising. Nah! I actually forgot! Get me near a beach and my brain turns to sand. Anyway, I’m probably thinking about lunch.

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