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It’s Mother’s Day! Relax!

May 9, 2010

A short post today…

Just to wish all the mothers out there a wonderful day!

But, let me ask, what are you doing today? Are you taking time for yourself?

Getting regular stress relief is SOOOO important for everyone–and certainly we moms experience boatloads of stress.

Since stress is a HUGE factor in the development of chronic disease, it’s positively worth your while to figure out ways you can soothe your body, mind and spirit on a regular basis.

Today, I’m keeping it simple. 

You don’t want to stress about figuring out how to get some stress relief! 

Just do what you can with the time and energy you have. It pays off–both today (You and your loved ones will enjoy the day more!) and in the years ahead!

Here are 3 simple ways to improve your well-being!

  1. Dry brushing: What a great way to stimulate your lympathic tissue and boost circulation.  Before bathing, use a dry, natural bristle brush (I bought mine at Whole Foods) and lightly brush your body–from the soles of your feet up to the top of your legs and up and over your backside.  Lightly brush down your throat and chest. Brush from your fingertips up to your shoulders. Naturopathic doctor Cathy Wong says dry brushing has a calming effect. I like what it does for ME!
  2. Warm baths: Who could disagree–a bath is so much more soothing than a shower. If you like, after dry brushing, you can shower off exfoliated skin cells before relaxing in the tub. I use epsom salts and a bit of organic bath gel (Deep Steep, which I order through— or receive as gifts.) So far, my favorite scents are Grapefruit Bergamot and Rosemary Mint. I’m not much of a lavender  person.
  3. A walk through nature: I have easy access to a large park with lovely, walkable trails. I don’t try to rush this. It’s not a power walk. I do not go for “time” or for “calories burned.” It’s my downtime and my stress relief time. No cell. No iPod. That would be too much noise.

I find these walks are a powerful way to slow down and listen to myself. While I never have an “agenda” (like problem-solving ), my walks do free up my creativity, which is without a doubt stifled when I’m writing grocery lists, doing loads of laundry or paying bills.  

I’ve read that walks can be a sort of “walking meditation.”  Maybe that’s why I feel so restored after them. Simply a change of scenery and a break from your usual busy life can calm you down and replenish your energy!

Again, don’t stress about things like “time.” If you only have 20 minutes, go out for 20 minutes. Wear comfortable sneakers or shoes! (When stress relief is in need, tight shoes and heels do bad things for your body and can’t possibly free your mind!) 

Soothing alternatives to walks include yoga, tai chi, qigong and simple breath work!

Last, but not least, do whatever  gives you a kick!

  • Put on a shirt in a color that gives you a lift today. (I’m wearing orange!)
  • Buy yourself flowers. (Got ’em! Tulips!)
  • Put on some cherry red lips! (Done!)
  • Make a cup of tea and take a “timeout” to read for a bit. (Later, for sure!)

And honor yourself! You deserve it!

Flickr photo by Grant MacDonald.

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