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2 tricks to getting the body you want after 50

May 17, 2010

   That’s right, you CAN…

  • firm your upper arms
  • lose the back fat
  • resdiscover your waist
  • downsize your fanny
  • and trim your hips and thighs

How? You need to…

1.  WORK OUT as if you’re a “hardgainer.”

That’s a term bodybuilders and serious weight trainers use to describe people who can’t build muscle very easily. The truth is, after age 50, you  ARE a hardgainer. You don’t have the hormonal environment that allows you to add muscle easily.

My advice:

  • Perform weight-training exercise 3 to 4 days a week. More than that and you risk LOSING muscle!
  • Get out of the gym in 45 minutes. No more than an hour! Long workouts will have you LOSING muscle!
  • Replenish your muscles so they can begin rebuilding with a quick and easily digestible source of protein after the gym!
  • Work in the “muscle-building” rep range of 8 to 12 repetitions per exercise.
  • Use basic compound movements, like presses, squats, rows. Compound movements like these work a body part across two or more joints, versus isolation movements like curls or leg extensions, which work a body part across a single joint.

2.  EAT as if you’re a “hardloser.”

Okay, I made up that term. But it seems to be the way to go for people like you and me who can’t eat the same number of calories—and same foods—as we used to! (Don’t worry. You DON’T have to starve yourself. In fact, if you don’t eat enough nutrient-rich food, you won’t be able to build fat-busting muscle, lose fat and, just as bad, you won’t have energy!)

My advice:

  • If you’re unsatisfied with your current weight, try changing the proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that you eat. Don’t overthink it, though, or you’ll stress yourself out! Read on…
  • Limit refined carbohydrates and improve the quality of those you DO have. Your body doesn’t process refined carbs as efficiently as it used to. Fill up on vegetables and huge salads! The bonus is you get lots more inflammation-soothing nutrients into your body!
  • Increase the amount of protein you eat throughout the day. (Not just at dinner!) Choose organic, grass-fed, or, at least, antiobiotic- and hormone-free proteins (chicken, turkey, beef) so you don’t increase your intake of xenoestrogens. Wild-caught fish is also considered (as of now anyway) a fairly safe option.
  • Take in more fat–a little each time you eat. Don’t worry about the calories, since you’re decreasing your portions of starchy carbs. Plus, a touch of fat will address those blood sugar spikes that increase insulin (the fat-storing hormone). Good options include organic, unrefined coconut oil, pasture or cultured butter, extra virgin olive oil, almond butter and avocado. 

My eBook, Get Strong, Fit and Fabulous supplies many more details and “how-tos,” but if you start playing with these tips on your own, you’re bound to start looking and feeling better right away!

And if you’re already exercising regularly and eating well?

Try changing your workout around. As for your diet, there’s always room for improvement! Incorporate more variety. Add more vegetables. Buy locally grown or organic produce. Sprinkle basil or oregano into a salad. Read more about fats and include those that nurture your body!

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