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What’s MORE important than diet and exercise?

May 19, 2010

 How much diet and exercise advice have YOU collected

over your 50 years?

Probably a LOT, right? 

Don’t eat this, eat more of that.

Exercise this way, not that way.

Has it helped?

Diet and exercise tips can be great. And useful. 

If you recognize them as tools, not solutions in and of themselves.

YOU still need to take action. You need to implement your tools and see if they work for you.

  It’s that negative self-talk that gets in the way!

Comments like: “I’ve had such a rough day, I deserve some ice cream/wine/fries.”

OR, “I just can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I do.”

OR, “It’s all just too much effort!”

Excuses like: “I’m over 50, it’s impossible!”

OR, “I just don’t have time in my day to work out/pack a healthy lunch!”

Why are we stalling…deliberating…doubting…procrastinating?


Fear is the enemy of success, says David J. Schwartz, PhD, in his bestselling book, “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

To conquer fear, Dr. Schwartz advises, you need to:



Hesitation only magnifies the fear, warns Dr. Schwartz–so be decisive!

Every time you deliberate, “What good will that workout do?” you are stealing from the precious time you have available to take action. 

And sometimes you procrastinate so long that…working out is no longer an option. You wind up going grocery shopping or checking Facebook instead. 

Watch out for those negative thoughts

They can lead to a mental image (or several) of failure. Most of us have them.

  • Have you ever quit a diet?
  • Gone off your exercise program?
  • Been in great shape, and then “blew it?”

What to do? Dr. Schwartz has two suggestions:

1. Withdraw only positive mental images from your memory bank. Don’t waste time remembering how you regained weight, quit working out, messed up at work, etc. Focus on all the occasions you succeeded at something–a career accomplisment, nurturing a child, caring for an aging parent, planning a great party or vacation, getting in great shape for an event. You have LOTS to be proud of!

2. Deposit only positive mental images into your memory bank on an ongoing basis! You’ll automatically spend more time in a “positive mode,” and you’ll have more “positive stuff” to draw on, today and tomorrow.

You don’t need major events to make you feel good about yourself. Celebrate the everyday things you do that make you proud–preparing a great meal, cleaning out a closet, remembering a friend or relative on their birthday, giving your honey a backrub.

Believe it or not, feeling confident about your ability to get strong, fit and fabulous comes before all the exercise and diet tips in the world.

Flickr photos, top to bottom, by brechti images, Michael Skelton, Makbet666.

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  1. brechti permalink
    May 20, 2010 5:27 am

    hi Astrid

    thanks a lot for including my work for this fabulous collection of tipps!
    our brain is our biggest friend in positivity…because we can train it that easily…just by relaxing and focusing on the important things as backbone and confidence in our strength =D

    regards brechti

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