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Who am I? I’m a 54-year-old mother of two, a certified personal trainer (through NSCA) and a contributing writer to REPS! Magazine and, occasionally, to Oxygen Magazine.  In the past, I’ve also contributed regularly to Muscle & Fitness and  Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazines.

I’m also a former medical editor. At Physician’s Desk Reference in Montvale, NJ, I edited the last editions of PDR for Nutritional Supplements and PDR for Herbal Medicines, among other books and sites dedicated to healthcare professionals.

What’s this blog about? This blog is for women over age 50–because I’m tired of seeing our age group ignored by the popular media, especially when it comes to health and fitness advice.

Women in their 50s have different health issues confronting them.  For the most part, we CANNOT perform the same exercise, at the same intensity, as women 30 years younger. And we can’t expect to eat the same diet and lose fat, or look better. Our bodies are just not as tolerant of certain foods as they were 30 years ago.

Yet look at the “women’s fitness magazines” out there. With 22-year-old models on the cover. And their promises of a new body in 30 days.

Sigh. It’s just so much false advertising.

A woman would have to have an already low level of bodyfat to see significant changes in her body after only 30 days.

And when it comes to US–be reasonable! If you’re over age 50, your various organs, glands and systems don’t work like they used to.

So PLEASE don’t pick up a magazine and hope that your body will look like it did 30 years ago after just a month of working out or eating better. Won’t happen!

This blog, I hope, will help you understand what you DO need to do. And it’s not all bad. In fact, if you’re afraid you’re going to have an unpleasant struggle ahead, you can relax.

Because you get to eat food that’s delicious and healthy. And you’re going to HAVE to temper your intensity in the gym. PLUS take days off.

Oh, my! THAT’s what it’s going to take to put you on the road to a leaner, lovelier new YOU.

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